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Rock 'n' Roll Party Queen

This song is by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey and appears on the musical play Grease (1971).

Little girl do you know what I me-an
Pretty soon she'll be sevente-en
They tell me her names betty jean
The haha rock n roll party queen

Friday night and shes got a da-te
Goin places just a stayin out la-te
Dropin dimes in the record machine
Ah hoho rock n roll party queen

Papapapapapa oh no
Can I have the car tonite?
Baby baby can I be the one
To love you with all my mite?

Rockin n a rollin little party queen
Gunna do the stroll little party queen
You kno we love you so hey party queen

Your a rockin and a rollin party queen

Written by:

Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey


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