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My Monday Blues

This song is by Jim Jackson and appears on the compilation album Jim Jackson Vol. 1 (1927-1928) (1992).

I walked all the way from East St. Louis here
I did not have but one poor dime

It wasn't for me and either no poor soul
It was for that high brown-skinned of mine

I started to walkin' and my feet got soakin' wet
I got to thinkin' 'bout my good gal and I ain't quit walkin' yet

My Monday brownskin works 22 on Main
But my Tuesday brownskin brings me pocket change

But my Wednesday woman loves whiskey and sometimes do drink beer
But my Thursday girl give me the devil if she catch me here

My Friday good girl reads me the daily news
But my Saturday high brown buys my socks and shoes

I've got a gal in Georgia, one in Lou'siana
Four in Chattanooga, six in Alabama
Four, five women, right down in Memphis, Tennessee
If you don't like my peaches, let my orchard be

When you see me comin', a-heist your window high
And when you see me leavin', hang your head and cry

If you see Corinne, tell her I say hurry home
I ain't had no lovin' since Corinne been gone

A good-lookin' woman'll make a rabbit move his family to town
And a bad-lookin' gal will make a mule kick his stable down

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