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You Never Said You Loved Me

This song is by Jim Ed Brown and appears on the album She's Leavin' (1971).

I said I love you in a moment of ecstasy
You wrapped your lonely arms around me so willingly
In that mystic trance of madness
I can see the world of sadness
'Cause you never, no you never said you loved me.

Before I go would you share with me a glass of wine
Would you whisper sweet and low there'll be another time
The seeds of love have now been planted
Why did you take my love for granted?
And you never, no you never said you loved me.

I can't conceal my emotions when you
Love me the way that you do
In a moment of extasy it's so easy to say I love you
If one little lie will hurt you then say goodbye and forget me
'Cause you never, no you never said you loved me...

Written by:

Johnny Russell - Tommy Russell

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