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This song is by Jim Ed Brown and appears on the album This Is My Beat! (1968).

The work day's done it's time to go home
It's time to make decisions I must make alone
For there's a battlefield between my home and me
And I must pass directly by the enemy

There's flashing lights straight ahead
The neon signs of the barrooms turn the sky blood red
I search for strength inside of me
I'm passing through the homeland of the enemy

Like a dreaming man I'm in an open door
Then all the painted faces remind me I'm at war
I turn to leave and tremble when
I see the waiting patient eyes of the enemy

Their eyes shine bright they strike me blind
It's too late to run away surrenders on my mind
There's tears at home by now she's missing me
She'll know I'm in the arms of the enemy...

Written by:

Johnny Adcock