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That's What I'm Here For

This song is by Jim Brickman and appears on the album Visions Of Love (1998).

Dry your eyes
I'm here now
We'll get through this
Sometimes this world, it cuts
Like a knife
Baby, baby that's life
Please believe I understand
Put yourself into my hand
When my last days are
Harder than strife
That's when I come to you

That's what I'm here for, baby
That's what our love can do
You won't shed a tear for
The rest of your life
I'll make it clear
That's what I'm here for

When my faith is wearin' thin
I feel your breath upon my skin
All of your heartaches, all of your fears
I'll make 'em disappear
With one smile
With one kiss
I feel how close have I missed
I know my days are harder than strife
That's when I come to you

Oh, what I'm here for
I only want to please you
And can't you see, I need you?
I only want to love you
And that's what I'm here for
I'm here for
I'm her foooooooooor

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