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This song is by Jim Backus And Friend and appears on the compilation Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection (1991).

Friend: Ooh we're gonna have fun
Jim: Yes
F: It's a cozy table, isn't it?
J: And champagne my dear, heh-heh
F: Mmmmmm delicious, ha-ha
J: You like it? Heh-heh
F: Mmmmmm delicious, ha-ha!
J: Hee-hee-hee I like it to, heh-heh yes I do like it
F: Mmmmmm delicious
J: Heh-heh you want some more?
F: Mmmmmm delicious!
J: I knew you'd like it, heh heh ha
F: Delicious!
J: Have some more...get the waiter and hehheh put on the paper hat...
Get out the lampshade ha-ha I even like the cork! Waiter, waiter,
more! Keep pouring it! Every night's New Year's Eve! Waiter, every
night we're gonna do thish, I don't care, loshe the job what you
gonna do scooba dabba doo oh, champagne (*hic*)...

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