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This Love Is Real

This song is by Jim.

It's 3 a.m and i'm wondering
Wondering about you,
The way you may be
You said some things
Some foolish things
Now all i really want is you constally

Life has no meaning without you
When there's my sharing
There's come trought
I know you hurt inside
So come on baby back
Back home to me


Cause there's nothing gonna stop
Me lovin' you baby
Nothing's gonna stop
You drivin' me crazy
Nothing's gonna stop
The way that i feel
Cause i know,
This love is real
I know this love is real


You and me,
Were meant to be
Like the sun and moon
The stars and the sea
Now and then,
We lose again
The dream of you and me
And all we could be

Love isn't easy but it's truth
You know the one i love is you
And it's just a matter of time
So come on baby back
Back home to me

Repeat chours

You know it's truht baby
I know that you and me
I know that you and me

Repeat chours 2x

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