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Don't Look Down

This song is by Jim's Big Ego.

For your sake I hope there is no afterlife
don't look down, don't look down
So you don't see the mess made of your suicide
don't look down, don't look down

I hope there are no radios where you are
'cause you don't want to hear what's going on
Cancel all your magazine subscriptions...

Somewhere Jimmy Morrison's explaining it
and somewhere there's a talk show being born
and somewhere we're already sick to death of it...

Mom said it was the heroin that did it
newspapers said it was the fame
I say it was the shotgun what's the difference?
there won't be another album...
what a shame

somewhere you got someone reading Hemmingway
and somewhere there's a teenager to frown
and somewhere a boy drags guns out of the river

don't look down.

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