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Vrbana Bridge

This song is by Jill Sobule and appears on the album Jill Sobule (1995).

They stood by the window
And watched the old church
Burn for the second time
The light from the fire
Made her glow like an angel
As she pulled him down and smiled
They lay on the bed
There were shouts all around
They could shut the whole war out
With the squeak of the springs
And tomorrows dreams
And the beating of their hearts

He would lay his arms down for her
She would forgive his brother's crime
They would do anything
To make it past Vrbana Bridge

Well he looked up to Jesus
And she looked to the east
Where the sun was soon to rise
She asked for Allah's blessings
To keep them both alive
They had friends in high places
Who could do them a favor
Turn a blind eye
They'd seen so much hate
And death every day
"Let's just let those two walk by"

They would lay their arms down for her
They would forgive his brother's crime
Just for one moment they would
Let them pass Vrbana Bridge

Through a crack in the wall
Of a sandbagged building
The soldier saw them fall
He said "If love was their only armor
It did no good at all
They lay for six days
In a final embrace
They had shut the whole war out
The soldier blames the other side
But even he has his doubts

He would lay down his arms down for her
He would forgive his brother's crime
He would lay down his arms
To let them pass Vrbana Bridge

Written by:

Jill Sobule and Robin Eaton

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