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The Couple on the Street

This song is by Jill Sobule and appears on the album Jill Sobule (1995).

He was pulling deep on a cigarette
Billows of smoke pouring out of him
Like a freighter hit by a torpedo before the fire reached the hull

And she was hanging on to him
Like he was a life raft
Not willing to believe that the ship was sinking
But it looked to us like the ship was sinking
We both agreed, we'd never be
The couple on the street

So rosy-cheeked and fresh and horny
On our way to the movies
When you told me for the first time that you loved me
And I knew that you loved me
And it was like we were together in another life
We never parted; love never died
Although I don't really buy that stuff
Today I'll believe
You and me, we'll never be
The couple on the street
You and me, we'll never be
The couple on the street

Like a still life
(Still life)
Of our worst fears
(Of our worst fears)
Like the seven years
(Seven years)
Of a broken mirror
Like the flip side
(Flip side)
Of a beautiful dream
(Beautiful dream)
I love you so much
Won't you tell me please
We'll never be
The couple on the street

Okay, okay, it's one year later
(I don't have an ending)
And I still haven't written an ending to this song
(Look, I wrote this song a year ago)
I tried
(I was inspired, I was in love)
The gone
(Never made it happen)
Guess we'll never be the couple on the street
End of story

Eight months later, where are we?
Somewhere between then
And the couple on the street

Written by:

Jill Sobule and Robin Eaton

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