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Thank Misery

This song is by Jill Sobule and appears on the album Underdog Victorious (2004).

if i hadn't always been depressed
ida climbed that golden ladder of sucess and if i hadn't been so blue
thank misery for bringing me to you.

if only ida stayed in my home town
married my old sweetheart, settled down
watched my belly swell a time or two
thank misery for bringing me to you.

thank misery, the years i've lost
the drinks i've served, the friends i've tossed thank misery, she's had enough of me....

if i could go back in a time machine
i wouldn't buy a ticket, well maybe
but i'm so happy now i swear it's true
thank misery for bringing me
god bless the pain that set me free
thank misery for bringing me to you

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