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Super 8

This song is by Jill Sobule and appears on the album Happy Town (1997).

"Take me back, Take me home, to world that never was.
Cones and Roman Candles in the sky, 4th of July,
The dog's crouched in the basement,
Dad was still alive,
The fading grain of Super 8
Makes everything seem really great,
And I look happy as a clam.

Take me back,
Take me home
to the world that never,
The world that never,
The world that never was.

Another birthday party with the braces on my legs,
The rented clown made cotton candy and animal balloons,
It looks like I had lot's friends,
They laugh with me into the lens,
And, hey, there's Carol Fango,
Before she sliced her wrists.

Take me back,
Take me home,
To the world that never,
The world that never,
To the world that never....

Written by:

Jill Sobule and Phil Galdston

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