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Smoke Dreams

This song is by Jill Sobule and appears on the compilation I Never Learned to Swim: Jill Sobule 1990-2000 (2001).

Pass me the pipe
Tell me another lie
Just lay here by my side
My eyes are closed
My heart is open

Swirling in a dance
Like a dervish in a trance
The coals are hot
Beneath my feet

But I don't care
Just let me have
My smoke dreams
Billowing around me
Taking me to places
I've never been

Float up in the air
Thick with strange perfume
Is this the middle of the night
Or the middle of the afternoon

We make a lovers' vow
Although we'll never keep it
We make it anyhow
Knowing it will vanish
in a smoke dream

Billowing around me
Taking me to places
I've never been

Smoke dreams
Smoldering inside me
Are you the real thing
Or just a smoke dream

Things get warm
Start to sizzle
Then we fan the flames
Now there's smoke
Suffocating smoke
But what a luscious dream
We're dreaming
Smoke dreams

Written by:

Jill Sobule and Robin Eaton

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