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Sad Beauty

This song is by Jill Sobule.

I've held you in awe for so many years
Only now do I know what I'm seeing
I've analyzed every word that you've said
To find a deeper meaning

It went beyond curiosity
It almost ecame an obsession
To find a mere glance of love in your eyes
A mere glance of love in your eyes

You've got lines in your face from forced smiles
The sadness is beginning to show in your eyes
You can't hide it anymore, sad beauty
Hide it anymore
And you find it hard to live in your guise
Time has not been very kind
You can't hide it anymore
Hide it anymore

Do you still like being what you call free
Its comfort must lie somewhat thin
Hopeful lovers linger only so long
While you hide what lies within

Do you still like being a mystery
It's lost much of its appeal
From an idol above understanding
To a loner who's tragically real


It's been a rough life
A very tough life (sad beauty)
You can't hide it anymore
Hide it anymore (sad beauty)
Sad beauty

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