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Honey Molasses

This song is by Jill Scott and appears on the album Who Is Jill Scott?: Words and Sounds, Vol. 1 (2000).

Honey Molasses
Ebony Majesty
Chocolate Brown Sugar
Sweet epiphany

I waited for your call
But you chose not to call me
I wondered what happened
Where you in side a safe space
And too I wondered
Were you thinking about me and if you were
Why was I feeling so lonely
By the phone
Alone to the bone
Although the night before
You were in my home my body
My dome
In a circle of passion we
Paris Italy
Japan Africa rome
We made music
We trombone
It was magic the way it happened
Pure electricity
I felt so inspired
And afraid at the same time
I don't know whether sing or to
Call me

Honey Molassess
Ebony majesty
Chocolate Brown Sugar
Sweet epiphany

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