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This song is by Jill Paquette and appears on the album Jill Paquette (2003).

Why can't I grab the solutions for my problems
As they float inside my head?
And why is it when I wake up late to see the sun set
I go back to bed disappointed?
But wondering why
Never got me anywhere before
And I
Can't seem to get You out of my mind
So this time I can't forget about it
forget about it
Don't wanna cure my ignorance, I've needed it far too long

Why do I get the feeling
All the answers to my questions are drawing nearer?
And why is it that when it's almost time
That that time never really seems to get here?
How can I see
What I don't understand
And if You were me
Could You set yourself free
And find a way to forget about it
Forget about it
If I knew the answers I might see that something's wrong
And I want to forget about it
'Cause I can live without it
I don't wanna cure my ignorance, I've needed it far too long

Tell me the answer for my troubled mind
I think all this soul-searching might do something to help me yet
'Cause I just can't forget...

The light it gives me a headache, makes my pulse race
Why can't I look directly at You?
I've heard them say You're the answer, You're my father
But is all of that really true?
How could I
Doubt You for so long?
And why
Do I make the questions harder?
I can no longer forget about it
Forget about it
My pride forgotten I admit that I was so wrong
And I can't forget about it
'Cause there's no getting around it
Ignorance is no excuse
For something I have always known

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