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Come To Me

This song is by Jill Paquette and appears on the album Jill Paquette (2003).

Broken and battered your confidence shattered but I am still here
The things that you cling to they seem to just bring you right back to your fears
Were the nails and the spear in My side not quite enough to provide
the victory you need in your life

Come to Me, Come to Me
If you come to Me, it'll be all right now

Depression is ending this fairytale ending you've sought for yourself
Broken glass photographs that use to make you laugh sit on the shelf
And you'd change the frame if you could, but you're doing the things that you should
Hoping that I'll think you're good enough

You're broken and shattered your body's been battered by what they call life
Depression is ending this life you've been spending wrapped up in your lies
And once in a while is not enough to show to Me what you call love
Don't waste my time words aren't all I want

Broken and battered your confidence shattered but I am still here....

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