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A Note to Follow So (2002)Edit

Jill Barber - A Note to Follow So
A Note to Follow So
  1. In Perfect Time
  2. Broken In Two
  3. Old Blue Carpet
  4. Nothing On Me
  5. Two Brown Eyes
  6. February
  7. The Best View
  8. Wouldn't It Be Nice

Oh Heart (2004)Edit

Jill Barber - Oh Heart
Oh Heart
  1. Oh Heart
  2. In Perfect Time
  3. Measures & Scales
  4. A 7th Minor
  5. Nothing on Me
  6. Somewhere Else

For All Time (2006)Edit

Jill Barber - For All Time
For All Time
  1. Just For Now
  2. Don't Go Easy
  3. When I'm Makin' Love To You
  4. Ashes To Ashes
  5. Hard Line
  6. For All Time
  7. Legacy
  8. Two Brown Eyes
  9. Goodnight Sweetheart
  10. The Knot
  11. Starting To Show

Chances (2008)Edit

Jill Barber - Chances
  1. Chances
  2. Be My Man
  3. Old Flame
  4. Oh My My
  5. Take It Off My Mind
  6. Wishing Well
  7. Never Quit Loving You
  8. All My Dreams
  9. Leaving You
  10. One More Time

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