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Wanna Be

This song is by Jhené Aiko.

[Verse 1]
I wanna be your everything
not just a friend
not someone who you call now and then
but someone who you be lovin til the end
all i need
someone to be
my shoulder
the one i can tell anything
the one i can share my dreams with

[B Section]
You look like my type a guy
i could see spending all my time
but i'm not even gonna lie
i wanna be more

I wanna be the one
you givin your heart to
i don't wanna be the one
you're into and we're through
i wanna be the one
who keep it real wit chu
i don't wanna be the one
you just be talking to
i wanna be your all the time girl

[Verse 2]
15 years old
but i know how i feel
see i'm lookin for somethin real
if you wanna know here's the deal
i can be your girl
you can be my man
and just cuz you a little bit older
don't mean i'm gonna let you be
tellin me how it has to be

[B Section]


I wanna be
the first one you think of in the morning
the last one you think of at night
i wanna be
the one you call to say i love you
and you can't stand to say goodbye
i wanna be your all the time girl

[Hook out]

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