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Rocket Boy

This song is by Jets To Brazil and appears on the album Perfecting Loneliness (2002).

Headlights and red eyes
A warm beer between your thighs
Mess of pills, Hollywood hills
The red lights read me my rights

Going in a circle, getting tighter every turn
Think you're getting better but you're never quite sure
Say it's all ahead of you, how far can you see?
You're living on your knees

Driver, please find your feet
The light's green but you spaced the keys
You're going fast but it won't last
You're all speed and no gas

Going in a circle, never getting to the point
Burning up the atmosphere, my rocket ship boy
You say there's a finish line, you're already beat
You're living on your knees

Rocket boy, my only son
You look so sad but you're so young
You get so high, you're all alone
Rocket boy, come home

Notebook, some notes you took
A big hit with a crooked hook
Your best friend is you again
You can't win but you won't give in

Going in a circle, getting lower every time
Say it isn't hurting but I never see you smile
Asking for the doctor and calling you a priest
You're living on your knees

Rocket boy, you burn so bright
And I believe, you lie so beautifully
When you get high you're all alone
Rocket boy, come home

Dad it's me again, I hate to call
Could you come down? There's been an accident
Were you involved?
Yes, sir, no, sir, they say I was

Got home, cried alone
The video will surely show
No one knows I came this close
To being me, but I lost us both

Going in a circle and it's keeping you around
You've been here forever but you've never been found
You didn't want a witness and I didn't want to see
You living on your knees

Rocket boy
Rocket boy, come home

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