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Lucky Charm

This song is by Jets To Brazil and appears on the album Perfecting Loneliness (2002).

How long will you wait
For me to come around?
And wouldn't it be great
If everything worked out?

I wouldn't come home late
After hiding out
I'd tell you everything
How I couldn't live without you now

And how long will it take
Before I wake up unafraid
To take you in my arms
And hold you like a lucky charm?

I know it's too late
But wait for me to turn around
I'm coming home
So if you're leaving, walk slow

Walk slow

All that I can ask
Is forgiveness for what's past
You know who I am
But will you know me in the end?

I know it's too late
But wait for me to turn around
I'm almost home
So if you're leaving, walk slow

I know you're not waiting anymore
And I'm not going to change
I try to reach to let you know
I'm walking too slow

Hey, how's your summer going?
It's good to see you again
I'm gonna make a record
So I never forget what it was I wrecked

So tired of my mind
You're a genius all the time
The things that I can't say
Are all thinking me insane these days

I know it's late

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