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Little Light

This song is by Jets To Brazil and appears on the album Four Cornered Night (2000).

There's a sign up ahead
Says no signs for a while
And a line in my mind
From a song we both like

It sounds like me and you
And all we're going through
Flip the tape, hit rewind
It's my turn to drive

Little light tonight
I just saw our whole life
You're a sweet avenue
I can't seem to get to

Now I'm so far from you
I'm naming stars for you
Ship to shore, do you read?
S.O.S. J.T.B.

There's only one way through
I don't know if it goes to you
I can't even see
Where are we now 'cause nothing's changed

Nothing's changed
Nothing's changed
Nothing's changed

Little light tonight
I don't like being right
But I know what will be
Will somehow be alright

I see you C.W.
There is no other you
Dawn comes down to your room
Same song blacking up my blue

The floor's a mess of cords
Track number four could use some more
If it takes a broken heart
Just roll the tape 'cause nothing's changed

Nothing's changed
Nothing's changed
Nothing's changed

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