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My House

This song is by Jester.

Charlies in the bathroom eating the tooth paste
Mummas in the kitchen getting off her face
Dad's in the basement playing with knives
While Lily's in the dog house eating my house

Carrie's in the bedroom talking to no one
Lily's in the laundry hiding from a thunder storm
Dad's in the basement playing with knives
While Lily's in the doghouse eating the flies

When will the boys, come around to play
And when will she kiss me, will I be ok
When will he go back into the verse
And when will she kiss me, in her universe

I'm in the paper looking for a job
Connor is in the sailboats running from the sharks
Well Julie's in Ireland thinking shes a lepricaun
Kerry's back at school cause
someone's got her grades my house

Jared thinks he is Dr Evil
And Wesleys hair is Evil Knevil
Well I think Mark talks to much
Its time to go back to the chorus

Back ..When ..My.. Jeans ..Were.. Still.. Blue.
And ..I.. Had.. The.. Hell.. Spikey ..Do
We ..Could ..Take ..Two.. Parties.. In ..One Night
Add.. Nine ..Scoops.. of ..Hibiscus ..Delight

And we were young And and me.

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