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A New Moonrise

This song is by Jester's Funeral and appears on the album Labyrinth (1999).

Music by Stefan Schmidt and Bastian Emig, lyrics by Stefan Schmidt

Very soon there will be a new moonrise.
It's going on tonight: We'll come to make your body ours.
We'll rip your heart and take your soul.
And you will pray to God that you had never been born at all.

We're the destiny, the family for you.
Welcome to your last trip out of life!
Life is going on and on and on.

I am you! We're alive to see... I am you!

Do you remember all the ones who denied the power of the night, they're now slaved to the leaders of this world.
Keep on closing your blinded eyes, ignore the power of light!
But do not say you have never been warned at all...

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