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Night Of Love

This song is by Jesse Spencer.

Lights beam down from the stars
And it takes my breath away
And the tears of glee in my heart
End up voicing words to say

All I feel is invested in this
"Reach to me" her thoughts reply
Clinging still her love awakes
And she's opened up my eyes
And I can see you clear
And I can hear you leave
And I can't deny that it's a night of love
As the night now falls
And shoots flames and she craves
To my call of love
Then she'll rise with love
Though tonight our love
Is so real just by fears in my eyes
I can still feel you near

Li da li oooo li la li ei

All I need's a little time
To embrace what I must face
You have chosen to decide
That we're better off this way


Li da li oooo li la li ei

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