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I Can Tell

This song is by Jesse Powell and appears on the album 'Bout It (1998).

(intro)-I know you want me, ooh, the way that I want you

(verse 1)
So why you peepin' from afar,
do you want me,
baby I can tell you why your wonderin',
what my love's all about, if I can put it down,
come home with me so you can see, ooh

tonight we'll go on & on
feelin' strong
let's make love to the early morn-in'
on & on keep it strong
all night tonight

I can tell
I can tell you want it
do you well?
baby, I know, I know (I know that you want)
Girl I'm so into you
Let's do what you want to (what u wanna do)
I can tell, I can tell you want me

(verse 2)
So much flavor I can't lie,
it would be nice,
girl if you would spend the night by my side,
girl if your feelin' me,
there's more for you to see,
cause I want you,
like you want me

Tonight we'll go on & on
feelin' strong
let's make love to the break of dawn
on and on keep it strong
baby you know just what you do, girl it all depends on you
girl I can tell that you want me
& I want you too

(chorus to the end