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Girl What's The Business

This song is by Jesse Powell.

Now that I think about your love
I truly see
That I was a fool
To forget how good it could be
See girl I'm gonna ask you to forget about the lies and things
'Cause girl I'm askin you to come back to me

Girl what is the business
I don't want you to leave
I've been thinkin' bought your love and I truly see
That I don't want you to go
I don't want you to stay don't leave me alone

The first time I saw you
I wanted to take you home
But now your leaving me
And I'm so sad that you're gone

It's just those rainy days
Without your pretty face
Can you see I'm in pain
Come wash my clouds away
Come back to me now 'cause I can't stand the rain
Girl I'm so angry 'cause I can't have you lady

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