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Jesse Thomas 1948-1958 (1993)Edit

Jesse Thomas - Jesse Thomas 1948-1958

Jesse Thomas 1948-1958

  1. Same Old Stuff
  2. Double Due Love You
  3. Zetter Blues
  4. Mountain Key Blues
  5. Melody In C
  6. You Are My Dreams
  7. I Wonder Why
  8. Another Friend Like Me
  9. Guess I'll Walk Alone
  10. Let's Have Some Fun
  11. Gonna Write You a Letter
  12. Meet Me Tonight Along the Avenue
  13. Tomorrow I May Be Gone
  14. Texas Blues
  15. I Can't Stay Here
  16. Xmas Celebration
  17. Now's the Time
  18. It's You I'm Thinking Of
  19. It's You I'm Thinking of (Alternate Take)
  20. I Am So Blue
  21. Long Time
  22. Cool Kind Lover
  23. When You Say I Love You
  24. Jack of Diamonds
  25. Another Fool Like Me
  26. Gonna Move to California
  27. Take Some and Leave Some
  28. Blow My Baby Back Home

Lookin' for That Woman (1996)Edit

Jesse Thomas - Lookin' for That Woman

Lookin' for That Woman

  1. Blue Goose Blues (Original)
  2. Behind Closed Doors
  3. Lookin' for That Woman
  4. Jack of Diamonds
  5. Boogie Woogie On MKT
  6. Zetetter Blues
  7. Guess I'll Walk Alone
  8. Blues Is a Feelin'
  9. Merry Christmas
  10. Your Ways and Actions
  11. Gumbo
  12. Bessie Lavon
  13. All That Stuff
  14. Another Friend Like Me
  15. Call Me
  16. Blue Goose Blues

Other SongsEdit

  1. Gonna Move To California
  2. Down in Texas Blues
  3. My Heart's a Rolling Stone
  4. No Good Woman Blues

Additional information

Artist information:

b.1911, d.1995

Also known as:

Jesse 'Babyface' ThomasMule ThomasJesse "Mule" ThomasJesse ThomasThe Blues Troubadour

Years active:

1930's - 1990's

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