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Open Me

This song is by Jess Klein and appears on the album Draw Them Near (2000).

Run to my house, kick down my door
Let your imagination soar
Throw all the clothes down on the floor
I just hear more, more, more, more

Open each book,
Each little box
No matter how scared I look
Baby don't stop
Open me, yeah
Open me, yeah

On the first floor
The party went on
But I was glued to my window in the dark
Watching the storm
Then lightning struck white
The Middlesex skies
I stared with newborn baby's eyes
I don't know you
You don't know me
But I saw that look
Flash through the trees

Open me, yeah
Open me, yeah
I'm overcome

Bring all the rain
Down from the clouds
I open my mouth
Say it out loud
Open me, yeah
Open me, yeah
Open me

Written by:

Jess Klein

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