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Hold Tight

This song is by Jeru The Damaja.

I can't sleep at night plus my chest feels tight
Things seem to be the worst theyve ever been in my life
I'm slipping in the darkness and I'm searching for light
Plus the agents of Satan try to silence my mic
It's the demons within nowadays that I fight
I took a few steps back, will I ever reach the heights
It'll be nice to have kids and a wife
But I tend to do what's wrong even though I know what's right
Got a DWI, I ??
Contemplating sellin that stuff they burn in blunts and pipes
Unholy thoughts cause me stress and strife
Although I'm tired I'm determined to fight the good fight
I exist in a world that's more than black and white
It's like that space and time where day transitions the night
Hear if you master yourself you get general stripes
Just don't tempt the wolves because the beats bites


I feel I'm at a crossroad, I ask myself what's next
I got a monkey on my back and hes addicted to sex
Things were simple as a child, but now they're so complex
Should i, sell my soul to collect fatter checks?
I know how to play my cards but I'm playin' with fixed decks
When I want to ease my mind I read ancient texts
Tryna occupy my time with different projects
And when all else fails the deuce-deuce are backs
Where I'm at now in my journey, trust I didn't expect
When there's a flaw in your design you blame the architect
Had the best intention, but wasn't living correct
And day by day tighten the noose around my neck
Look at myself in the mirror and get vexed
And I constantly ponder which course to select
Now my sorrows are (?) and get wet
But I won't go out like the gunman at virginia tech

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