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John Hardy

This song is by Jerry Reed and appears on the album Jerry Reed Explores Guitar Country (1969).

Now John Hardy was a desperate little man
Strapped on his guns every day
Shot down a man on the West Virginia line
You oughta see John Hardy get away
You oughta see John Hardy get away

He run up to Virginia around the east stone bridge
Thought he would surely be free
And along came a marshall with a gun in his hand
Said Johnny come along with me boy
The judge wants to see you boy come along with me

Now John Hardy had himself a little woman
The dress she wore was blue
She hollered on out to Johnny as he rode out of town
Johnny I'll be true to you boy
Johnny I'll be true to you

Well his legend had traveled from the east to the west
From the north to the south end of town
But when the sun comes up tomorrow they'll take John Hardy down
And show him to his hanging ground
They're gonna let John Hardy swing down

(Banjo - guitar)

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