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I'm Not Playing Games

This song is by Jerry Reed and appears on the album Hot A' Mighty! (1973).

Please don't whisper love words tenderly
Not occure just playing games with me
If you only plan to leave me some day
Then don't make me learn to care this way

'Cause I'm not playing games with you
This time my love is really true
To spend my whole life loving you is all I want to do
This time it's not a game I play
I need you more than words can say
For you I'd give my soul away no I'm not playing games

Please don't let me give my love to you
Now if you don't feel the way I do
Tell me now if it can never be
Don't make me learn to love you hopelessly

'Cause I'm not playing games with you...
No I'm not playing games with you...

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