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Roll On Down The Road

This song is by Jerry Jeff Walker and appears on the album A Man Must Carry On, Volume One (1977).

Yeah I say rollin' wheels and blackjack deals
Are all the same to me.
Yeah traded away everything I made
And headed out to Santa Fe.
Laid my money down, the filly came around,
She's six lengths in the lead.
Yeah grabbed that money and 1 kissed my honey
And we headed down to New Orleans.

Won't you roll on down the road just let it roll.
Won't you roll on down the road, let it roll.
Hell I've never stopped to ask myself
If the getting's worth the goal.
Guess I gotta gambler guess I gotta rambler,
Lord, I gotta gypsy soul.

Yeah well I gave thanks as they lowered the planks
On the decks of the Delta Queen.
And I got in a game with a man named James
And I figured I'd pick him clean.
When the bet went down and the deal came around
Worst deal I'd ever seen.
I always thought my ace in the hole
Must've been in Tennessee.

Well I always know'd my ace in the hole
Must've been in music row.
They tell me, boys, gonna make a name
That's the only place to go.
If you don't mind, I'm unkind
Wanna do things my own way.
Yeah you gamble and you lose, sing a three chord blues,
Hell it's all the same.

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