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Long Afternoons

This song is by Jerry Jeff Walker and appears on the album A Man Must Carry On, Volume One (1977) and on the album Gypsy Songman (1987).

I once knew a woman
And she loved only me
And she knew how to touch me,
And how to turn to me
She knew how to kiss,
And she knew just what to whisper
No need to explain how I felt about her

And her hair it was brown,
So soft brown in the sun
You could blow it away,
When she took it down undone
So fresh light and clean,
Like a snow'on a flower
No need to explain the way I still feel about her

Her ribbons and her lace,
We shared in her room
I remember them well,
On those long afternoons
And her words falling softly,
Just like a warm summer shower
No need to explain the way I feel about her

Soon the hayfields are ripen
Soon the berries will show
And they will fade into autumn,
And lie under the snow
Some years among many,
Give so much to remember
There's no need to explain the way I feel about her

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