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Let It Ride

This song is by Jerry Jeff Walker and appears on the album Driftin' Way Of Life (1969).

Well some people take this life
They keep it all up inside
But me I can take the picking
Hell I just let things ride
When all has got you down
You got nothing left to lose
Just slide on boys
And just lose those blues

Just let it ride
Just let it ride
Don't stop boys, c'mon said let it ride
Dum dum dee da le Let it ride
Just let it ride
Don't stop boys, c'mon said let it ride

Well now I've been down and out
I say I know it ain't no joke
And I know that hungry feeling
And that gnawing when you're broke
Right here for some it's different
But for me I found a way
I can get up and grab my old guitar
And just play those blues away

Well one time when I was job-hunting
Down in New Orleans
I came upon a man who was
Thumbing through stacks of greens
He asked me was I hungry
And I said, "Man is that some kind of a dirty joke?"
Said drink lots of water boy
And just walk real slow

Just let it ride...

Well now you know just as well as me
How the blues gonna get you down
They gonna kick you and sick you
And I said
Flat buck you in the ground
But I found me a way to beat back those blues inside
You can grab your grip and your old flat pick
And said boys just let it rid

Just let it ride...

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