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Dust on My Boots

This song is by Jerry Jeff Walker and appears on the album Driftin' Way Of Life (1969).

Started traveling
A mind to unravel
Footloose tramp upon a plain
Now the nights aren't warm now
I'm singing a different song now
Don't believe I'll ever change my way

'Cause I am a rambler
Love youth of gamble
Of songs that sing a rambler's blues
Leave some taking heart gal
Ain't in my cards now
Can't kick the dust off my boots

There ain't no use in crying for excuses
To tell you the truth of how I feel
Understood my leaving
So don't you go to grieving
If I say ramblings all that's real
I say ramblings all that's real

There's no denying
Gal, there'll be no crying
The reason is that it suits me so
Nothing more to say now
I guess I'm on my way gal
I just stopped a spell to let you know

But I am a rambler
Love youth of gamble

Yeah gal keep walking down
See the sunshine
I'm on my way
I get the urge to roam
I know ramblings real

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