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Driftin' Way Of Life

This song is by Jerry Jeff Walker and appears…

I'm singing about a driftin' way of life
Yes it's different from the many that I've known
Yeah and everyday you're bound to walk
A strange new road by myself
I keep living it right or wrong

Now I hop a train about a 100 thousand miles
Yeah and I've had good luck
And I've lived in different styles
Yeah but all the folks
No matter what place or age
Have tried to put me like a free bird in a cage

Well I keep singing about a driftin' way of life

Now I've tied some knots
With my friends I'd hate to lose
I say we're friends because we give the right to choose
But things get tight when your friends get out of place
And try to change your big hat
Or shape of face

So I keep singing about the driftin' way of life

Now in my mind
You know I thought of settling down
To stop my roaming
Forget this banging around
But to live my life among groups everyday
Will either change me
Or send me down the way
And as it stands I'm never down-and-out too long
'Cause I can kiss the blues goodbye with every song
Yeah and I'm living my life
As it feels to me right now (walk on boy)
'Cause there ain't nothing in this world
Gonna hold me down

Yeah I keep singing 'bout the driftin' way of life

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