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Full Attention (2007)Edit

Jeremy Riddle - Full Attention
Full Attention
  1. God of All Glory
  2. Close
  3. Stand in Awe
  4. Full Attention
  5. Hallowed Father
  6. More Than a Friend
  7. Sweetly Broken
  8. Call to Praise
  9. No Longer Bound
  10. God Moves in a Mysterious Way
  11. What Joy Is Found
  12. My Love for You

The Now And Not Yet (2009)Edit

Jeremy Riddle - The Now And Not Yet
The Now And Not Yet
  1. Christ Is Risen
  2. Prepare The Way Of The Lord
  3. Prayer For The Church
  4. Bless His Name
  5. As Above So Below
  6. Among The Poor
  7. One Thing
  8. To Be Like You
  9. Surrendered In Praise
  10. The One The Only
  11. Joyful Noise
  12. I Am Redeemer

Prepare The Way (2010)Edit

Jeremy Riddle - Prepare The Way
Prepare The Way
  1. Rain Down
  2. Prepare The Way Of The Lord
  3. How He Loves
  4. Stand In Awe
  5. The One, The Only
  6. He Reigns
  7. Sweetly Broken
  8. Christ Is Risen
  9. Full Attention
  10. It Is Well With My Soul

Furious (2011)Edit

Jeremy Riddle - Furious
  1. Fall Afresh
  2. Furious
  3. Love Came Down
  4. One Thing Remains (Your Love Never Fails)
  5. Acquitted
  6. You Are Good
  7. Walk In The Promise
  8. One Thirst And Hunger
  9. Glory To The Lamb
  10. The Lord Is My Shepherd
  11. Here
  12. Always
  13. Acts 4 (Nations Rage)

Songs on CompilationsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Lord, Reign In Me
  2. Trading My Sorrows

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