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Kanske är jag kär i dig

This song is by Jens Lekman and appears on the album Night Falls Over Kortedala (2007).

The Swedish title of this song is "Kanske är jag kär i dig". The English translation is "Maybe I'm in Love with You".
I saw on TV about this little kid
Who had a pig for a pet
His mom had once been attacked by a dog
So a pig was the closest thing he could get

This has of course nothing to do with anything
I just get so nervous when I'm talking to you
All I think about everyday is just kissing you
An old feeling that feels refreshingly new

Kanske är jag kär i dig

I offered you some chocolate
You declined so sweetly and commented on my jacket:
"Makes you look like a lumberjack
But are you man enough to wear it?"
I said: "It used to be my grand-grandfather's
What could I do but inherit it?"

My words are just c-c-c-coming out all wrong
I sure could use a little help
But I think I'm gonna drop my cool now
Best way to touch your heart is to make an ass of myself

Kanske är jag k...


Written by:

Jens Lekman

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