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Plz Read This

This song is by Jennifer Lopez.

Hey guys, how are you all,
Its great fun here avin a ball,
Yo niggers how ya doin'?
Me the diva I have everyfing
U dnt you lot av nothing

I have it you ain't you av non I av all, dnt take ma call I dnt wanna no ya really,
It's me 'n' ma family really X3

HELP me I need sum help,
I do really hear me welp,
I cey at night and wonder why
Why this is happening to me by the by,
I no its because I'm beautiful,
I no its because I'm wonderful,
But I don't giva a bull,
Its just me 'n' ma skull,
I'm used 2 it now,
I used 2 get called a cow,
But luk @ me now, better than u
I bet ya av had a boo hoo

STOP...(wait 4 secs)
Like ma top
Fuck you all ya retards
I have everything and the fast cars,
I have the best body no one complains
So I'm tellin' you to stop complainin 'n' LOVE me
I've always been loved so you can da da club!
Luve Fern hi 2 mi skul

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