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Love On The Line

This song is by Jennifer Lopez.

Betta, watch out!
wha' u gon' do
wha' u gon' say
every min , every sec
blazin' squad,

blazin' squad
Call me baby, we can get hot
Come and get my love girl the wire
1, 2 watcha gonna do?
stay at mine, sounds fine
Say your gonna feel me, baby that can thrill me
up and down
round and round
call my number; we'll make love on the line

I know you gotta go away, for quite a while
But you can pick the phone up and you can dial
And when you're feeling lonely, i can see you right through
And if you tell me that you want it
Then i can make love on the line with you

I'm gonna miss your body, perfume on your skin
You say you're gonna feel me, girl that can thrill me
Cos you can call me anytime
For love on the line
(love on the line)


We can chat all night and day girl
When i'm home or away girl
Just give me a call on my line girl
You can be all mine girl
And when we are talking i picture your eyes on your pretty face
With gloss on your lips, soft mm, skin
And the body i'll embrace

Just make love to me
Is only form i praise you
Just make love to me
Is only form i praise you
Just make love to me
Is only form i praise you

Just make love to me
And give it to me the way you wanna
And everything you ask of me, you know i'm gonna
Cos you can be all mine any time
(any time)
For love on the line
(love on the line)


When i wake you in the night
Girl i'm gonna do you right
We can live a fantasy
and love bo wo

Imagine that i'm touching you baby
can you feel me to?
Call my number
For love on the line

(chorus x2)

Track wit' Jenny Lopez, Boricua
Q-Tez & Jenny, Ye-ye

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