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I Love You

This song is by Jennifer Lopez.

I love you! with all my heart
And until I die we'll never be apart
If you feel the same let me know
And if you don't let me go
I call you every night just to here you say hi
Then I hang up and close my eyes
I have a vision of you and me holdin' hands
I hear us makin' future plans
I love to see you smie
You make everything worth while
I love it when you hold me tight
You never bring me to tears
With you I share my dreams, secrets,& fears
When I'm with you I know I'm in love
I know god sent you from up above
You never tell me a lie
You're the perfect guy
Even when you act crazy
I tell everyone "that's my baby"
I will never deny the love I have for you
But tell me do you love me too
It's you that I will always admire
You're my hopes dreams and my one desire
My life before you was never this great
I'm happy free & I have faith
I wish I could die
Standing by your side
I wanna be your wife
For the rest of my life
I'm the only girl for you in this world
So promise there won't be another girl
If I ever lost you I would brake down in cry
And forever I would hide
If I cried you'd care
If I was hurt you'd be there
I just wanna let you know
That I would forever more
Love you so

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