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You Answer Me

This song is by Jennifer Knapp and appears on the album Lay It Down (2000).

All the things I want to say
All at once they wash away
As You walk by, out of mind
my thoughts fly away

All the things I long to hear
suddenly they reappear
You say in that hour
Your holy Power will wipe away my fears

I can hear You cry out loud
when You answer Me
when You answer me
once again I am revived
when You answer me You answer
when You answer me You answer
me with love

To know You are I Am
confidence of lion laying with the lamb
in greener fields, with all my zeal,
is hard to comprehend


So understanding
I can hardly catch my breath
seeing this I wonder
how You have any love left
me not alone when I did not believe
through the darkness,
through the darkness You answer me


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