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Mr. Gray

This song is by Jennifer Knapp and appears on the album Letting Go (2010).

Verse 1: It's as bad as it has been
For over 20 years but then
I haven't been here all my life
And all the wells are going dry
All the bankers saying "bye-bye, Mr. Gray,
We're glad we met
But no money yet."

Chorus: If I show my hands
Would you watch them bleed?
Long enough to prove they are indeed in need of mercy
In need of mercy

Verse 2: Dawn always breaks the noonday high
Shade rarely offers alibi
Or decent rest for such a man. If I think, I can
Try harder some might say that I'm smarter
But only God knows

Only God knows who I am


Bridge: I try to laugh about it
I try not to cry about it
Mamma always hates it when I cry
What will it take to convince
This is just the road to excellence
Faith before the skeptic's eye


Outro: I need your mercy me I need your mercy, mercy me.

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