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A Little More

This song is by Jennifer Knapp and appears on the album Lay It Down (2000).

Turn Your eyes from on this way
I have proved to live a dastardly day
I hid my face from the saints and the angels
Who sing of Your Glory
What You had in mind
Ooh, my weakness shines, shine show me grace

A Little More than I can give
A little more than I deserve
Unearth this holiness I can't earn
It's a little more than I can give
A little more than I deserve

For all the sin that lives in me
It took a nail to set me free still,
What I do I don't want to do
And so goes the story
What You had in mind
When we seek we'll find
Shine, show me grace


With all this motivation
I still find a hesitation deep in my soul
Despite all my demanding
I still find You understanding
Show me Grace
Show me Grace I know is...


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