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​What If It's Me

This song is by Jennifer Day and appears on the album The Fun Of Your Love (1999).

Hoo, ooh,

Hello, is anyone there?
Did you notice, I cut my hair?
You used to like it like this,
Hey, how 'bout those Braves,
And how 'bout a kiss?

I'm shakin', I'm so afraid,
Your heart is light years away,
And you're just starin' through me,
Looking for more,
What do you see?

Just over there,
The grass is so green,
And out of my reach, (second time: And out of your reach)
Lay all of your dreams,
You're certain to find, (second time: You're lookin' to find), (third time: The love of your life),
Your destiny,
But what if it's me?

Who was the one all along?
The greatest thing you did wrong,
You've gotta see for yourself,
If there's somebody else,

I don't know what else to say,
You're gonna leave anyway,

But if it's all a mistake,
And you want me someday,
I hope it's not too late...