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​The Fun Of Your Love

This song is by Jennifer Day and appears on the movie soundtrack For Love of the Game (1999) and on the album The Fun Of Your Love (1999).

Boy, ya blow my mind,
You can make me crazy,
(Ya make me laugh, make me cry, keepin' my heart all shook up)
I'm, so mesmorized,
You're the one who can save me,
(So, sweetie pie, throw me the line, I think it's time for the hook-up)

Baby, you're my main attraction,
Settin' off this chain reaction,

Just a little's enough, just the thought of your touch,
That's the fun of your love, oh oh baby,
(Oh, oh, oh-uh, yeah-yeah)
The feelin' inside, that's the thrill of the ride,
That's the fun of your love, oh oh baby,
(Oh, oh, oh-uh, oh)

Now, I've shown you how,
I can push the limit,
(Make ya laugh, make ya cry, I'm keepin' your heart all shook up)
Still, ya turn me around,
With sweet forgiveness,
(You toll the line, I'll pay the fine, that's the sign of a good love)

In this twisted world we live in,
Please don't stop this love you're givin',

That's the fun of it, baby,
Do do do yeah,
Ooh, yeah,
That's the fun of it, baby,
Baby, baby, baby, yeah,

Ooh, oh-yeah,



That's the fun of it, baby