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​Tell Me I'm The One

This song is by Jennifer Day and appears on the album The Fun Of Your Love (1999).

Don't let this moment, pass you by,
Darlin', talk to me,
You can look me, in the eye,
And set your feelings free,

Tell me I'm the one, your baby,
The one who makes your heart, go crazy,
Tell me if you really need it,
How you can't wait another minute,

To be the one who holds me tight,
Tell me that it just feels right,
Tell me you need me, you want me,
You can't get enough,

Tell me, I'm the one,


How am I, supposed to know,
If you don't say, the words?
The louder that this, silence grows,
The more it seems, to hurt,

Hey, yeah,

You want, (hoo) you need, (ooh) right now,
(Oh) tell me your heart (ooh-oh)
Can see (tell me baby) that (yeah)

CHORUS 1 octave higher


Oh, yeah...