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This song is by Jennifer Day and appears on the album The Fun Of Your Love (1999).

Yeah, mm-hmm,

Might be in the middle of the afternoon,
Might wake you up, smack dab in the middle of the night,
You might be honkin' at the guy in front of you at a busy traffic light,

(You might be) Talkin' to your mama on the phone,
(You might be) Drinkin' out of a frosty mug at a, pub downtown,
(You might be) sittin' at a wafflehouse alone,
Orderin' scattered, smothered, covered, hashbrowns,

But someday (someday), you will (you will),
I know (I know), you'll feel (what I feel),
I don't (I don't), know when (know when),
But that heart of yours is gonna give in,

Someday... yeah,

(It might be) might be when you're hangin' with the guys,
(It might be) might be in a movie holdin' on to another girl's hand,
And it might take ya by surprise,
When ya see me with a tall, dark, and handsome man,

It'll strike ya like a flash of lightning,
Yeah, it'll hit ya like a brick,
You won't be scared, it won't be frightening,
'Cause you'll know this is it,

Someday... yeah, yeah, yeah,

Someday... yeah,

Someday... yeah.

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