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Somebody Else's Guy

This song is by Jennifer Day and appears on the album The Fun Of Your Love (1999).

Ooh, oh-oh, oh, oh yeah,

Well, I met somebody the other night,
I can't stop thinkin' about him,
He's like Romeo meets Mr. Right,
All wrapped up in one man,

The sweetest face, I've ever seen,
I love the way he smiles at me,
He's everything I ever hoped to find,
And he's somebody else's guy,

(Somebody, else's guy)

Yeah, I bet "somebody"'s a lucky girl,
I'm sad to say it's not me, ooh, yeah,
But I bet he means the world to her,
I wouldn't steal a man that's not free,

Ooh, yay, I have to constantly remind myself,
That he belongs to someone else,
I can't keep dreamin' someday he'll be mine,
But he's somebody else's guy,

(Somebody, else's guy)

I don't, know why,
I feel this way about him,
I have, no right,

Huuuh, huuuuuuuh,
Huuuh, huuuuuuuh,

Oh, the right one is so hard to find,
And finally after all this time,
I can't believe he walks into my life,
And he's somebody else's guy,

(Somebody, else's guy)

Oh, you're somebody else's guy,

(Someday, else's guy)

Somebody else's, guy,

(Someday, else's guy),

Ooh, (Somebody else's guy)

Nah-huh-nah, nah-huh, nah,

Oh, oh yeah (Somebody, else's guy)

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